GOLDDPRINZ has it’s workshop and show room in an old factory building in Hamburg. This is also where the artist Tanja Dipner, mother of one daughter, has her studio (
Handywork and art inspire and blend into each other in this unique work space.

We experiment with unusual materials: Fabrics, nostalgic paper cut-outs and photos are laminated onto surfaces, gold leaf and swarowski crystals are applied to wooden surfaces and glitter is mixed into new colours. The effect of all these little procedures that will make the difference once you look at the finished object can only be achieved by classic, manual handywork. As an example: The nontoxic gloss paint is layered onto the fabric four times to make sure that chocolaty fingers won’t harm it.

For the extended furniture collection figures, patterns, landscapes and stories are milled into the wood by hand and filled with liquid gold – with a lot of effort, an eye for detail and long years of experience.

On demand, poems, pictures, lyrics, verses, baptismal mottoes and of course the child’s name can be incorporated.
Welcome to our show room!

Visiting hours can be arranged via phone: +49.40.8666 28 76