Sometimes a single item can change a room’s character.
The keynote for our GOLDPRINZ collection was, not to produce stereotypical futniture, but to create art pieces as unique and individual as the children we are making them for.

In the olden days Farmers built and painted their children’s beds for them and these beds were handed down from one generation to the next and quite often are still slept in today. This is a tradition we tie in with. Durability nowadays is a sign of awareness for environmental protection and of the responsibility to preserve our resources.

The pieces of our White Collection, outstanding in their puristic elegance, and of the Art Collection with their boundless phantasy, recommend themselves with their tasteful individuality as well as their extravagance and top quality.
In a world that’s standardized, distinct interior concepts are very difficult to realize. But while that is true, we believe, we have to oppose the standard: Thus, in the GOLDPRINZ studio, we produce design rarities, that do not only breathe their charm in the fleeting present, but can be passed on from generation to generation.
Furniture that emanates a timeless grace beyond fashionable trends.
On demand, our customer’s ideas and wishes can be incorporated in the process of each individual design.