GOLDPRINZ furniture is handcrafted and made from local genuine wood. Wood is an honest material that lives and ages beautifully and adapts to it’s surroundings. Over the years and with use it aquires the charm of a patina.
All pieces of furniture meet the highest standards in workmanship, durability and individuality. They are remarkably steady and are dimensioned so that they are safe to play and bounce on.

Our beds are made according to a historic tradition of building beds, with paste, tenons, notches and historic bed fittings. The result are highest quality, durability and a look that isn’t disturbed by a single bolt. The intricately worked sides as well as the decorative battens and the post ends are each sawn and milled by hand.

Naturally, we only work with colours and materials that are ecologically compatible, saliva-resistant, completely nontoxic and very robust.
Little bumps in wood and lacing are proof of the living substance wood. Our pieces are laced by hand, not in a paint-spray line that would evoke sterile normatism. Every object is as individual as the child it is made for. We don’t use low-cost medium density fibreboard because it contains urea-formaldehyde resin and phenol-formaldehyde resin as binder.

To vouch for our bed’s quality we add a brass GOLDPRINZ-plaque, on demand with the child’s name engraved on it. The „Berliner Beschläge“ made from stainless steel make it possible to assemble and dissemble the beds in two easy steps.